Employment Opportunities


SJCCA is currently accepting applications for Warrant Clerk, the position closes January 4, 2019; this has a hire date of February 11, 2019.https://sjcounty.munisselfservice.com/employmentopportunities/default.aspx

SJCCA will begin accepting applications for Public Safety Dispatcher beginning Dec 17, 2018; this has a hire date in April 2019.  If you have questions you may email kschrock@sjcounty911.net.  

Links will be added as the jobs are posted on the San Juan County Website. 

SJCCA Board meeting

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the SJCCA Board is scheduled for Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 09:00.  Agenda to be published at a later date.

One Voice on EBOLA


San Juan County Communications Authority exists to provide the most effective emergency communications for citizens and visitors in San Juan County, and for the Public Safety Agencies which we serve.

Just as we provide reliable, effective and courteous services to all who call on us for information and assistance, we will answer calls promptly and dispatch appropriate resources in a timely manner.

Commonly known as 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators, we will often be the First Responder to an emergency, and we will provide assistance and instructions to the best of our ability to help bring the situation under control, in accordance with EMD protocols and internal SOP’s.

Coordinating resources for Public Safety, we will provide support and assistance to the units in the field, mindful of their safety and welfare, and we will provide responding Public Safety personnel with as much accurate, appropriate and timely information as they may need to perform their duties in an effective and safe manner.

At all times being responsive to the needs of our customers, we stand committed to maintaining our status as leaders and innovators in the field of Public Safety Communications.

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